There’s a chip in my patch!  Patients with a cardiac pacemaker; cardioverter defibrillator; neurostimulator; or any active medical or metallic implant imagethat is within the area of application cannot use the patch, and you need to remove it before taking a bath, but you can sleep with it and they have even dimmed the indicator light so as not to disturb your sleep with it being too bright.

It is good for around 720 hours of pain relief, so that’s a few days here and there is a on/off key as well.  The patch is delivering pulsed electromagnetic energy and is approved by the FDA.  Plastics surgeons can also use it after surgery for the same purposes to relieve pain and reduce swelling.  I keep telling everyone algorithms are all around us, and here’s more in the brain of the chip for the patch.  BD

If you are interested in checking out the pricing and more information, you can visit this site, who sells the patches.  There’s one for the back, ankle, wrist and knee. 


ActiPatch Therapy uses proven medical technology to truncate the body's inflammatory response (i.e. breaks the cycle of chronic inflammation). It does this by delivering pulsed electromagnetic energy directly to the affected area and driving out the edematous fluid along with byproducts of the damaged tissue. This provides a well demonstrated and significant overall improvement in the restorative and recovery process following injury. As a result the pain associated with soft tissue injury is often substantially reduced.



Medical Professionals - How it works


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