One more item being scrutinized for healthcare insurance from the UK, and the article states the insurance company can check with the applicant’s doctor to verify what has been put on the application.   With obesity being such a huge healthcare problem, I wonder why perhaps this is not given a bit more priority with scrutinizing as there’s no ability to lie about this issue as it is very visual.  The citizens of the UK also have the NHS for their healthcare services as well as an option to purchase insurance.  BD   

Anyone that life or health insurance cover will know that there are a number of factors that can affect the amount that you have to pay for your cover, such as your age, your medical history, your smoking habits, and weight, and various other factors. According to a recent report another big thing that insurance providers are now looking at when deciding on whether to offer health or life cover to an applicant and how much to charge is the amount that the person drinks in terms of alcohol.

Whilst some people thinking about applying for insurance cover may decide to lie about how much they drink in order to keep costs down there are also warnings that the insurance firms can and may check medical notes with doctors in order to see whether the applicant is being truthful about the amount that they drink. If applicants or policyholders are found to be lying about their alcohol intake as well as about other factors such as their smoking habits or medical history then the insurance company will be able to declare the policy null and void, even if the information is discovered at a time when the policyholder is trying to make a claim on the policy.

Drinkers being penalised by insurance firms


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