We are all hearing all the talk today about personalized medicine and from time to time when I run across some good information that helps bring the imageunderstanding down to layman’s terms, I post it!

Watch the video below! 

Well this is one worth watching as the speaker does a very good job in relating genomics and personalized medicine to something we pretty much all relate to today, a computer!  Also, I have posted some genomics links on this site too for providers that go into more detail and might offer some additional information. 

Microsoft’s Growing Push into Life Sciences

This is a great video and I think it can be understood by almost anyone and it explains how the future creation of drugs is influenced by genomic research, it is also pretty entertaining too.  It will help you understand why the money and research is really needed to find the cures and treatments we need. 

You may also want to read an interview I did with Rosetta Genomics about how “cancer of the unknown” can now be detected, 1000s of patients never have been able to find this out for years with lung cancer and now it is possible to find what kind of cancer is in the tumor of a lung. 

One other interview that might be of interests is one I did with Helicos, one of the companies who manufactures the machines that do the sequencing.  Dr. Patrice Milos, the Chief Science Officer and I had quite a lengthy discussion and she offered a lot of insight too on how the future is with pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.  Dr. Milos and I both agreed on one fact too, a geek and a scientist:  It’s all in the software.

Stanford University uses a sequencer from Helicos, as they are doing a lot of big stem cell research through some very large recent grants.

In Amish Country they are studying genomics and DNA too, an area where one would think this would be the last to embrace technology. 

Here’s a link to another video I posted a while back that is also very good and if you have some time, this one from the University of California San Francisco is very good too. 


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