Just in December I had posted about the big outsourcing agreement with Infosys Technologies in India to handle some of their other areas outside of R and D and now there’s more it appears, sad but every day there’s more job cuts in the news.   More under the related reading section below.  BD  image

“Under the agreement, Infosys will deliver application maintenance services to AstraZeneca's global operations in areas including manufacturing, supply chain, finance, and human resources.”

“AstraZeneca has delivered a robust performance in an increasingly challenging market environment. I am particularly pleased with our continued success in globalizing our business, as shown by our strong performance in Emerging Markets. We are also making good headway in further improving the efficiency of our organization. The expansion in the scope of our restructuring efforts is another important step towards sustaining our long-term competitiveness.”

AstraZeneca Eliminating 15,000 Jobs! | IguanaBio

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