The pressure sensor is placed directly into the femoral artery in the groin and the device is diameter of about one millimeter.  It moves at a rapid imagepace too, 30 times a second!  Gee I’m happy and content with once a day, but I guess this will iron it down and give us all the blood pressure data we could ever hope for. 

But wait, there’s more to it, we have a flexible micro-cable to a transponder unit also implanted in the groin area under the skin so the 2 can talk to each other and transmit.  It then encodes the data coming from the micro-sensor and transmits them to an external reading device that you wear and then this device send the information where it’s designated to go. 

Just think, my doctor can have all the blood pressure readings from me than he could have every wished for, and yes, there are clinical trials in Germany going on for this.  I don’t know, I think I like hooking up a blood pressure machine to the USB on my computer a bit better and sending it to my PHR, but on moves technology.  BD  

The whole process is now due to become easier thanks to a tiny implant that could replace the current method. It is being developed by Fraunhofer researchers together with the company Dr. Osypka GmbH and other partners in a BMBF-funded project called "Hyper-IMS" (Intravascular Monitoring System for Hypertension Patients).  The micro-implants can be supplied with electricity wirelessly via coils.

Tiny pressure sensor in artery measures blood pressure


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