Currently all services are outpatient, no in this case nobody will need to be moved, this hospital would definitely be in the “desperate hospital” listing.  The reason for the closure, no money.  image Since 2004, the hospital has filed for bankruptcy twice.  BD

A historic Atlanta hospital, citing the credit crunch, announced Friday that it would close, the third time it has shut down in the past four years.

Southwest Atlanta Hospital had already shuttered its emergency room and had been operating only an urgent-care center since the fall. The closing was scheduled for Friday evening.

The hospital’s current owner, Georgia Medical Provider Financial Corp., said in a statement that it was unable to obtain funding to revive the facility. Southwest was seeking to become a hospital specializing in surgical services.

“We’re operating in an economic environment that’s unlike any this nation has seen in recent memory,” said Sandra Crayton, Southwest’s chief executive, in a statement. “We simply could not obtain the credit we needed to stay on the path of rebuilding Southwest Hospital.

Southwest Atlanta Hospital to close doors |

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