From earlier this week,(link below) one manufacturer has ceased operations for now and is working to get things back in order.  Some insurance companies have had issues covering the the name brand drug as a replacement with paying, so if you run out and need a replacement for the generic brand, might be best to check with both your doctor and insurance company first.  BD image

KV Pharma suspends operations and issues recalls – example of the high costs and risks in pharma today

The shortage stems from problems at two big suppliers of the generic in the U.S. Novartis’s generics unit, Sandoz, recalled 6 million bottles of generic Toprol XL late last year, after the FDA sent the company a warning letter about the factory in North Carolina that makes the pills.

Novartis tells the Health Blog that it hasn’t yet been able to resume shipping supplies of the generic beta blocker, metoprolol succinate ER.

All of this has left patients with tough choices. Doctors are telling some people to switch to a similar drug –- the generic form of Lopressor XL -– for the time being.

Health Blog : Generic Toprol XL Scarce, After Problems at Novartis and KV


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