If you want to share a good experience at the Mayo Clinic, now you can share it with friends and contacts via Facebook and other social networks and become a “fan”.  You will need to sign up and establish an account in order to post.  As with any social network, remember this is all searchable information to all, just a good idea to keep in mind when publishing anything on social networks if you are using a real name, as the information age expands with the use of RSS feeds, we have so much more information available to us today in a very simple manner, and good experiences are always nice to hear and can offer hope and information to others.  BD 


Facebook is the world’s largest and fastest-growing social networking site, with more than 150 million active users. While it started on college campuses, it’s now open to anyone over 13 with an email address.

We created a so-called “fan” page for Mayo Clinic on Facebook about a year ago, to provide information about Mayo and also to give Mayo patients and their families an opportunity to tell their stories and connect with each other and with Mayo Clinic staff.



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