From the Wall Street Journal, Scott Hensley outlines the game plan, what Pfizer would stand to gain with Wyeth.  I think it would called something to the effect of “filling up the pipeline”.  Mentioned in the video was the Warner-Lambert acquisition of years ago, which now belongs to J and J, and it brought back some memories from the past when I was still in logistics and doing business with their offices in Irvine, California.  It seemed like the Warner-Lambert side of the business was profitable for everyone all the way around, no matter what. 

Of course, I was the only logistics representative that would also come in and give computer lessons too (grin) and Pfizer too was gracious enough to recognize and publish some kind words about that internally as well.  Mergers and acquisitions are certainly plentiful today and Pfizer could stand to gain a lot of ground and for the rest of the story, we’ll have to wait.  BD 


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