This is a revised and corrected post with information provided by Cheryl Slavinksy, Public Relations Manager for Rite Aid stating the chain has fully cooperated with the DEA since 2004.  With fast moving technology today and the rapid changes related to reporting functionality we all experience today, the pharmacy staffs have all been retrained to ensure compliance with connecting the stores electronically, which is the way to go for better business intelligence and having all data up to date globally.   The chain has always had a tracking system in place, but action has been taking place to keep all current and up to date on changes and the recent news release could have been a little confusing as to the grounds and investigation.  Thanks Cheryl for taking the time to provide an update. 

The fines are for non conforming to DEA rules and regulations and violations were found in several states.  If you have purchased any products, that contain legal amounts of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, you are probably familiar with the routine of getting your product at the counter and not off the shelf so proper recording and reporting procedures can be followed to make sure you are not a meth lab. 

In a related story, they are also reviewing and amending some financial terms that fall under the jurisdiction of the SEC relative to selling their receivables from 3rd parties.  image BD 

Federal officials in Sacramento announced Tuesday that pharmacy giant Rite Aid Corp. and nine subsidiaries in eight states have agreed to pay $5 million in civil penalties to settle alleged record-keeping violations of the Controlled Substances Act in connection with prescription drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration found a pattern of violations in an investigation since 2004 of 53 Rite Aid pharmacies, including six in the Sacramento region, the officials said.

"We fully cooperated with the DEA and the U.S. Department of Justice since being notified of the situation in 2004," said Rite Aid spokeswoman Cheryl Slavinsky. "We have strengthened our existing compliance program and retrained our pharmacy staffs on each of these issues."

As part of the settlement, but unrelated to the alleged violations and civil penalties, the firm agreed to enhanced vigilance in sales of over-the-counter cold medications used to manufacture methamphetamine.”

$5 million fine for Rite Aid


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