Amazing technology, worth the watch and how it can zoom right in to the aorta.  When I had the opportunity to fold proteins on the Surface unit at Microsoft’s office in Irvine, this program was not quite ready to see yet.  Nice how all of this goes directly to the HealthVault.  Perhaps one more reason to think about a HealthVault Personal Health Record. 

This could easily be used with a consultation between patient and physician as well.  BD 

From the website:

VitruView is an amazing application that InterKnowlogy has built for the Microsoft Surface. It’s based on a prototype of a WPF application we built for InterMountain Healthcare. image

VitruView was designed to help with angiography procedures in a catheter lab – it is essentially a 3d multi-touch application for heart  surgeries that persists data in Microsoft HealtVault.

We used 3D heart models from our partner, Zygote, the world’s leader in 3D anatomical models and textures. VitruView provides the users the ability to zoom and rotate a 3D virtual image of the human heart. And since it runs on the Microsoft Surface you do not use a mouse – you use your hands! And with your hands you annotate inside and outside the heart by placing Stents and marking lesions. You can even add and remove arteries by drawing with your fingers. Clearly you need to see this thing in action, but watching a video of it is the next best thing. image




  • It is a Microsoft Surface application – Surface is a 30 inch tabletop display whose unique abilities allow for several people to work independently or simultaneously. All without using a mouse or a keyboard.
  • It is .NET, It is WPF, and it’s 3D.
  • It persists and reads data securely from Microsoft HealthVault – an online location for secure storage of your health record information.
  • It is another amazing application produced from the technical leadership of Kevin Kennedy.
  • It freaks people out when they see it. It has been called the best application that the Surface has…by numerous Microsoft people.
  • It’s arguably the most awesome application we have ever built…and that is quite a bold statement if you look back at all the amazing software we have built over the years.

Watch the Demo here.

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Hat Tip:  Sarah in Tampa


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