This is the first round with information provided.  As the article states, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, who everyone knows all over the country was good, but not really better or worse than other facilities.  There are a few different categories as well to observe. 

I’m really not too sure what ratings do or don’t do in the long run for healthcare in the over all picture though, as when we need emergency care, the closest facility is usually the choice and it’s a complicated process as services offered at each differ as well.  BD 

Some hospitals are better than others. But for many years all patients had to go on was reputation, doctors' advice, word of mouth and advertising. Today, California follows some other states, the federal government and a few private groups in offering a window on hospital quality.
The study by state officials of hospital death rates shows that for eight common conditions and procedures -- including stroke, hip fracture and brain surgery -- the rates vary widely.

The county hospitals with significantly better than average stroke death rates in 2007 are: Citrus Valley Medical Center; Foothill Presbyterian Hospital-Johnson Memorial; Garfield Medical Center; Glendale Memorial Hospital; Kaiser hospitals in Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Panorama City and on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles; Long Beach Memorial Medical Center; Olympia Medical Center; Pacific Alliance Medical Center; USC University Hospital; and Whittier Hospital Medical Center.

Officials plan to post the study today at and said they hoped it would help improve care.

California hospitals graded on death rates - Los Angeles Times


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