The one question I thought was interesting though was the question of having a doctor use a computer while in the examining room by the Fox newscaster, and how it could conflict.  As a patient, yes I would find it annoying to sit across a desk and watch the doctor type, but I guess I could get used to it, but could feel he/she might be distracted, so enter mobility.  This was brought up in the video and here’s some answers to that end of things, mobility. 

The Tablet PC takes care of that and it’s just like the folder in the fact that it can be carried around, laid down for a moment, as one would do with a paper chart, and portable.  This way it is still somewhat functioning like carrying around a folder without having to sit there and watch the doctor jump up an down from a chair when consulting.  Just my opinion, but I think there’s a bit of eye loss between the patient and physician when working around a desktop PC that does not move anywhere and is stationary. 


This unit does great with hands free Dragon and Vista speech recognition for me too, use it a lot. 

I like technology, but even for me as a patient, watching a doctor crawling in and out from behind a desktop computer would even irritate me.  Here’s a link to a commentary below I wrote about the exact same subject and forget about the COWS, they don’t always come home. 

Executives - Mobility and Tablet PCs - A Commentary

One of my favorite commentaries and this lives everywhere too:

Technology “It’s for Those Guys Over There” said the CEO – I Don’t Do Digital Notes

I love to listen and watch those who don’t use any of the software or take a personal interest, especially if it is consumer software trying to get others to buy in.  Might work a little bit, but loses some real luster in credibility.  We have seen a ton of CEOS in the news of late that are non participants, so how can they come across well on consumer products that are for everyone, that they have never used and perhaps might just even be free, thus we hear a lot of “that’s for those guys over there”.    It ends up being a more of a “do what I say” instead of motivating by being able to come across with a “do as I do” vote of confidence. 

Here’s a picture of one of my clients using a portable tablet that I nearly had to tackle to get this picture from 2007.  His preference is the small unit, but everyone is different, but he is on staff at over 10 hospitals as a specialist, so he needs those records so he has answered the question and opinion on how to use medical records with mobility.  Works for him. 


Back to the video, this was done following the Senate testimonies and brings in some additional questions and coverage from the testimony from Microsoft.  You can also visit Peter Neupert’s blog for additional information and updates as well.  BD

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