image I live in Orange County and watched the building of the new facility for UCI Irvine.  It looks great and was long time in the needs of an overhaul.  The earthquake requirements pushed it along as all hospitals in California are subject to the new standards to be able to withstand an earthquake and also part of the reason that Los Angeles County was able to move to their new facility as well.  It is also state of the art and the old building which is a landmark in Los Angeles has endured quite a bit of damage with quakes over the years. image

UCI has been in the news of late with perhaps not such positive press, but the new facility should stand to be one huge improvement, especially in the area of evidence based design.  There are lots of sinks to wash hands as infection control is one of the biggest issues, and all rooms are private.  

Earth tones were used  and private airstreams for each surgery room as well and the rooms are sound proofed.  Good thing the project began a few years ago with today’s economy I must add. 

Pretty awesome facility, but also take a look below at the new Los Angeles hospital as well.  Both facilities contained milestones of planning.  BD 

The cafeteria inside the new UC Irvine Medical Center looks like a Wolfgang Puck bistro, not a lunch counter serving Sloppy Joes in Styrofoam. The rooms are private, not only because patients prefer that, but because they heal more quickly in them.

There's a sink at the entrance of every room, cueing medical staff and visitors to wash their hands right away. Plein air paintings evoke the comfort of nature.

The University Hospital in Orange is the latest and largest local example of evidence-based design, which puts science into architecture to create an environment that helps patients recover physically and psychologically. The growing field uses research as the basis for sound-proofing, views of nature and abundant natural light, similar to how evidence-based medicine has established aspirin as the standard of care for a heart attack patient.

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