As promised, Scott Hensley with Fox News on what the buy out means.  It discusses the investment portions as well as the expense and difficulty today in bringing new products to market.  Lipitor, is due to come off patent and they need more in the pipeline and the birthplace factory for Lipitor has been closed.   Under related links there’s also another link where the buy out is discussed and analyzed. 

Combining science and investing today is difficult, as the video states, some fail at late stages, after a ton of money has been invested, and the small biotech closes up and goes away sometimes.  Pharma is very much interested with biotech purchases, but ones that will hopefully make the grade as well.  Pharma does have the money to invest, but again, where and how much is the gamble, as combining science and clinical technologies will still be a hard nut to predict as breakthroughs and new technologies are announced daily.  Thanks to Scott for the “heads up” last evening as he was working late on this one and took time to update us via Twitter.  BD 

We got up a little earlier than usual to schlep up to Fox Business for a chat about Pfizer’s $68 billion deal for Wyeth. The University of Michigan’s Erik Gordon also offered his two cents in a segment with Alexis Glick.

Health Blog : WSJ Health Blog Talks Pfizer-Wyeth on Fox Business

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