Since I like and totally make use of Tablet PCs, this is one that I could not pass up.  I love the name of the program “Scarecrow”, it fits!  At any rate the company uses Tablet PCs as part of getting rid of the birds around airports.  It has a screen to help identify the type of bird, and all the relative imageinformation and also determines the type of stress call to be used.  The birds are getting smarter and so is the technology.

It’s an integrated bird management scheme, business intelligence for the birds you could say.  The Tablet PC records and logs all the activity and I presume it is connected to a loudspeaker to broadcast the sounds,  known as Ultima bio-acoustic distress calls.    Of course I am the odd duck out that doesn’t respond and carry my own tablet, but I may have discovered a new function for the unit, tablet distress calls. (grin).  BD 

Scarecrow sourced the 8.4-inch touch screen PC from JLT UK to provide the computing power to run its unique state-of-the-art combination Ultima bio-acoustic distress call and compliant data logging system.
The Ultima bird dispersal system displays a database of bird recognition information, including full screen illustrations to aid species identification on the JLT tablet PC. The intelligent system self-learns the routine of each operator and also remembers the prominent species and the various distress call sound levels previously used at GPS dependant airside locations. The system also logs the dispersal procedures used in real time - logging operator, species, time and date details to provide comprehensive records of work performed. In addition, the inbuilt GPS logs the vehicles airside position from which dispersal took place.

Bird strike avoidance specialist Scarecrow gets a grip with JLT tablet PC -


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