Every month I put out post of “Desperate Hospitals” and the the Health Care Association of New York State is going to start helping me out with information from New York which will be included in this month’s update.  I also have another update from a reader which is in a 16 page Word Document that will be added to the post. 

They also have put together an informative web site for the hospitals in New York, whereby you can enter a zip code and see where the hospitals stand in that respective area. 


I put in a New York City Zip for an example and they have all the numbers tallied that shows what the hospitals in that area stand to lose with the proposed budget cuts.  I think almost every state is in the same or similar situation.  Nice work on the website and an awareness everyone should take to heart.  In my posts over the last 8 months, I have reported on some financial difficulties and closures in New York as well.   BD 


This could mean cuts to critical services like mammography and well-child services, fewer doctors and nurses, and longer emergency room wait times. It could also mean the loss of a job for you or a loved one or friend who works for a health care provider or a local business that relies on the health care sector for business

Help Your Hospital - New York State Budget Cuts Could Affect Your Health Care

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