Anyone with a Quest Account and an iPhone can now get your labs on the phone.  An e-prescribing mobile application is coming later this year.  The application imageneeds to be added via iTunes, so the page shows purchase, but it is free.  

This is a mobile extension of the physician’s portal, not a consumer application, although consumers can sign up and establish a Quest account to receive their personal lab results and import the information into their Google Health personal health record.  I’m sure we may see more on portable PHR information down the road as well. 

Easily complete tasks, such as prescription ordering or renewal requests
View lab results, add notes for follow-up and mark as reviewed
Accommodate your schedule with
the ability to manage your caseload 
anytime, anywhere.


This HIPAA Compliant
App enables you to:
Review lab results from Quest Diagnostics


• Receive new results
• Review result summaries and the actual Report of Record
• Mark reports as reviewed
• Add annotations to the report
• Review historical lab results
Manage Medications


• Review Medication History
• Respond to Renewal Requests*
• Write Prescriptions*
• Find Pharmacies*
Follow-up with Patients


• View Patient Problem List and Allergies
• Access patient demographics
• Click to call
* ePrescribing mobile App available
summer 2009


App Shopper: Care360 Physician Portal (Medical)

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