The Genomics business is getting more personalized too as time moves on and current marketing is also causing some restructuring and change to occur.  In a way you this is good as a patient can focus their interest in one direction or another, do you want more health or ancestry related imageinformation with your DNA reading.  Recently I also reported that an insurance carrier is also offering discounts to policy holders if they want to have a DNA process created for them.  The marketing efforts of most DNA Genomic companies appears to be partnering more so for a larger concentration of coverage in capturing potential customers all the way around.  BD

Personal genomics company 23andMe announced yesterday on its blog (and in an email to customers) of impending changes to its product line. Until now 23andMe has offered only two products: its $399 full scan, and a $99 Research Revolution product that offers limited functionality and a focus on common disease risk prediction.

There are two major components of the altered product line. Firstly, customers will now be able to purchase separate products focusing on health and ancestry: the Ancestry Edition ($399) will focus on ancestry and genealogy analyses, while the Health Edition ($429) will provide risk predictions for common diseases and provide an updated line of carrier testing for rare, severe, recessive mutations relevant to reproductive decisions. It sounds as though 23andMe plans to move more extensively into the carrier testing market.

Finally, the company will still be offering its full scan to customers, but at an increased price of $499. If you want to get the full scan at the current price of $399 you have only a few days to order: the price hike comes into effect on November 19th.

23andMe raises prices, splits its health and ancestry analyses : Genetic Future

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