The California HealthCare Foundation now has a page for additional information and yes, just due to our population numbers in California it makes sense that we would have more individuals looking for Home Based Healthcare.  In short, this means devices are on the way, home monitoring, PHR or personal health records.  As everyone is looking at cost technology is going to provide part of the solution with monitoring seniors too.  CareMore is already up on this.  BD

Remote Monitoring Yields Healthier Patients – More EHR and PHR Integration In The Works And Privacy Issues Should Be Addressed

OAKLAND, CA – A new report from the California HealthCare Foundation shows that more Californians are seeking home-based long-term care services instead of nursing home care, while the state's nursing homes face continued quality challenges.image

The CHCF report, “Long Term Care Facts and Figures,” showed that use of long-term care services has increased between 2003 and 2007, with more than one million Californians using some type of long-term care service. Most of the growth, the report said, occurred among people using home- and community-based services, while the number of people in nursing homes has remained steady.

California has a higher percentage of Medicaid participants receiving home- and community-based care (80 percent) than the national average (62 percent).

Report says more Californians are seeking home-based healthcare | Healthcare Finance News


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