You can read how they are doing it, this goes back to the announcement in October 2008 on the blog.  BD 

Exempla Healthcare Hospitals to interface with the Kaiser ambulatory EMR - Colorado

“Three hospitals in the system preparing to integrate and connect with Kaiser facilities, as they will more than likely be seeing a few of their patientsimage.  This process is being done through a 3rd party offering HL7 and other transformations such as text/HL7.  This is taking 2 different medical records systems and forming a bridge to communicate with a secure connection over the web.   

Novo is responsible for all integration development efforts. Novo’s experience includes dozens of EMR’s, HIS systems, EMS applications and even the ability to integrate into a paper based environment.”

BOULDER - The Children's Hospital, Exempla Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente Colorado are now linked via electronic medical records.

By having the independent organizations linked, patients can visit any medical facility in the three networks and have doctors instantly imageaccess the patient's records.

"As a pediatrician, I've seen the benefits of health-IT exchange first-hand. With quicker access to more information, I can now diagnose, treat and care for the children in my practice with even greater confidence and improved results," said Robert Miller, a Kaiser doctor.

Health organizations e-link records | Boulder County Business Report


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