First stop for this group should be the US Congress to educate, as they need some of this knowledge so they can create and pass laws that are useful and meaningful, kind of like what everyone is shaking around with meaningful use. 

All the wireless solutions are there with companies biting at the bit to make a dollar and thus products are thrown at healthcare professionals and imagepatients and not implemented properly.  While they are at it, they might want to meet with the Participatory Sensing Group at UCLA and get some insight beyond proof of concept.  It’s a Catch 22 as some companies can’t stay in business if product is delayed and have funding, so the push is there without human concern, just get the dollars they say.  We all suffer over that one too, not that the technology is bad, but implementation is the key along with education.  The White House is very aware of this study, too bad Congress is not.  

White House Speaks About Wireless Technology – Healthcare And ...

Check out this video on a device that creates data trails and can even with Blue Tooth send if off to your insurance company as they demonstrate in the video, shakes a little of big brother here.  What happens when this hits the market?  Will anyone other than those who maybe check in here once in a while know what the heck it is and furthermore what it’s capabilities are?  Consumers need to know and not be snowballed, education and this requires more than just signing some disclosure form.  Many medications are moving to inhaled formats, stay tuned.

Telehealth has many neat offerings and if used correctly with educated consumers it could be a win-win all the way around, but it’s a huge paradigm shift for most and that can’t be overlooked as people need an adjustment period for much of it, not to mention education once more.

All the devices need to have “meaningful use” covered too and it seems nobody has touched that issue.  BD 

The ZigBee Alliance and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) will educate both health care professionals and consumers on benefits of telecommunications technologies as part of a new liaison agreement just announced. The groups will focus on the many capabilities of ZigBee Health Care, an open standard for secure monitoring and management of noncritical, low-acuity health care and wellness services.

ZigBee Health Care is designed to reduce patient care costs while improving care and quality of life for patients and consumers. ZigBee Health Care offers the ATA a ready-to-implement telehealth solution featuring interference-free and secure wireless connectivity, capable of supporting many common noncritical medical devices. It also provides a robust network ideal for secure, remote patient monitoring and one that helps aging and physically challenged people remain independent.

ZigBee Alliance Advancing Use of Telehealth Solutions |


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