Here’s the screenshot of the summary, details can be read at the site.  This is created by the Department of Insurance and Blue Cross didn’t even respond on this go around.  Does this mean anything to individuals any longer or are the carriers too busy with their own business intelligence operations and software to participate?  It doesn’t look like chronic disease is getting enough of a shake here, even though everyone talks about it all the time.  BD 


On Tuesday, the California Department of Insurance unveiled a Web-based PPO report card designed to help consumers compare ratings on five major health plans in the state, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

A state report card for HMOs has been in place since 2002.

The new Web site rates PPOs on criteria such as:

  • Asthma care;
  • Cancer screenings;
  • Diabetes care; and
  • Pediatric health (Sacramento Business Journal, 11/17)

California Launches Online PPO Report Card for State Health Plans - iHealthBeat


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