The big test touted here is testing for heart disease.  The chip is portable and the patient has to donate less blood and/or urine.  This is amazing thatimage results would be available in a couple of minutes, no more waiting for the long lab reports.

They intend use to be in a pen, credit card or other formats.  It’s all about the silicon here.  The next chips would be able to read 6 samples at one time.   IBM states the testing of course could be used by doctors as well as pharmaceutical companies.  When you watch the video you can see the sample move across the chip, smaller than a tear drop.  BD 


IBM scientists have created a one-step point-of-care-diagnostic test, based on an innovative silicon chip that requires less sample volume, is significantly faster, portable, easy to use and can test for many diseases, including one of world's leading cause of death, cardiovascular disease*. The results are so quick and accurate that a patients serum or blood sample, could be tested immediately following a myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, to enable the doctor to take a course of action and to predict the patients survival rate.

YouTube - IBM Scientists Reinvent Medical Diagnostic Testing


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