More Robots, these do dishes and make coffee and you control them remotely!  OK….Here’s a page with some videos.

The phone used to be the next best thing to being there!  If forgot to vacuum, just remotely hook up and get the job done, same for the dishes.  Housekeeping jobs could be in danger next?  BD 

"There's a mirror over there," Blackwell said, pointing, and I tapped the keys again until I was facing it. I saw a slender, wheeled robot with two cameras and a small square video screen on its head displaying the real me. This was QB (pictured above), the latest Anybots robot, which is just about to go into private beta testing.

image image

It does a pretty good job at unpacking a Roomba. 



I tried out QB at the 2009 IEEE conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications (TePRA) conference, where I also met Erin Rapacki, Anybots' newest employee. Rapacki was flying out to the company's office in Mountain View, California the next day, but had set up her laptop and headset so that conference attendees could try the teleoperated robot and chat with her west-coast coworkers.

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