One other source had quoted the actor as being put under involuntary psychiatric care and hold.  He’s out of the hospital now and gee I hope heimage survives all of this as the other source stated it was a seizure. 

The Medical Quack: HASSELHOFF Taken to Cedar Sinai – Alcohol

The above link is from May of this year about his prior event.  Again, I hope the Hoff gets everything back in divine order as he’s such a great entertainer.  BD 

David Hasselhoff was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital after he was found passed out at his home, according to RadarOnline.

News: David Hasselhoff taken to hospital for drug reaction, not excess drinking, says rep

"Paramedics were called to the [location] in Encino for medical aid," Los Angeles City Fire Depa rtment spokesman Erik Scott told RadarOnline. "Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am [on Friday] and later transported the patient [to] a nearby hospital."

David Hasselhoff Taken to Hospital After Being Found Passed Out


  1. ah poor old Dave, he's really struggling isn't he?

    although i did hear he passed out because he pumped too much blood into his third leg ;)

    and have you seen his commercial for a vacuum penis pump?

    it's a bit of fun ;)

    seriously though, i do hope he finds the strength to overcome his alcoholism before he kills himself!


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