This is pretty neat and not too long ago I wrote about the opening of the hospital.  The PalmSecure software/hardware will work with Citrix and imagescans your hand.  Once you have been registered, one scan of the hand is all that is needed.  Watch the video as well to see what other neat things are going on, including the speech translators in the ER, right at the end of the beds.  BD

MOUNTAIN VIEW and FOOTHILLRANCH, Calif., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ --When patients were admitted to the new El Camino Hospital in Mountain View for the first time on Monday, November 16, the registration process included something most people associate with sci-fi thrillers -- a cutting edge biometric registration system that "reads" patients' identities by scanning the unique vein structures in their palms.

imageThe system El Camino Hospital is using as an integral part of its new patient registration and identification system is the Fujitsu PalmSecure(TM) palm vein biometric authentication technology. The PalmSecure technology's integration with HT Systems' PatientSecure and McKesson's Star Hospital Information Systems provides El Camino Hospital with a highly accurate, non-intrusive verification method for effectively registering and identifying patients. The combined solution protects patient privacy and helps to prevent medical identity theft while allowing patients to receive swift, accurate care.

Registration in the Palm of Your Hand


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