I should have been on to this sooner, but thank goodness for Twitter as I received a message about it today and say thanks for letting me know.  imageThere are a few days left in November so you can watch the 85 minute documentary.  I have written about it and watched myself so here’s a few notes below from my prior posts.  Part of the entire theme here is to practice medicine wisely and not just do more to get paid more, and, involve and care for the patient, make healthcare revolve around the patient and care, not paperwork and administration. 

Money Driven Medicine – Taking Back Healthcare from the Bill Moyer Show

I finally had time to watch the Bill Moyer show and see the portions of the film shown on PBS.  Maggie Mahar who wrote the book the movie is based on stated she started making calls and was amazed at how many doctors wanted to talk as she didn’t think she was going to get many and actually had 5 out of 6 respond.

Hospitals and Doctors competing, marketing in a big key to the interference running today.  Patients should be at the center and not the victim of competition, which is what is happening, then, add in the health insurance nightmare on top to get paid. 


One physician in the film said:

The official bird of healthcare is a “Crane” look on top of any hospitals and that is what you see, a crane adding on.

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare Reform?

During the month of November, Money-Driven Medicine will stream for free as part of the Watch-In! for America's Health.  Money-Driven Medicine provides the essential analysis Americans need if they are to become knowledgeable participants in healthcare reform during these crucial days and in the years to come.



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