United Healthcare has so many entities in healthcare and here is one more, i3 that is partnering with clinical trial company Acurian to provide business intelligence data mining to work towards increasing participants with clinical trials by mining and identifying the individuals.   Ingenix as we imageall have probably heard about is and has been the target of the corrupted data base whereby patients using out of network doctors and facilities were overcharged with some being pretty large dollar amounts.  The corruption was created by the insurers themselves feeding the information to the data base and many of the major insurance companies licensed and participated in using the software.  United had a cash cow for a number of years with the data base which is now being replaced as not only generating revenue from the patients but also other insurers.

 “Fair Database” to Replace Unfair Ingenix Data Base – Run by Non Profit ...

Other divisions of Ingenix buy and sell our medication records to underwriters, as HIPAA regulations do not apply to pharmacy benefit managers and I question if some of this information will be utilized with further marketing medication records in this division of the company.   Again, with proprietary data bases we don’t really know exactly how far some of our personal information will be mined and marketed. 

Health Insurance Underwriting Practices With Prescription Data – How Does This Work


From the Website:

Through a user-friendly interface, you can examine the relationships between various metrics to create revealing population profiles. Built-in filtering, grouping options, and custom report utilities help you to:

  • Identify and examine trends such as prescription volumes and shares over time, variations by prescriber specialties and/or sources, and competitors’ share gains that result from new patient starts and/or switches
  • Segment your market by prescribers or groups of prescribers
  • Track and compare the performance of health plans and custom provider groups, including their performance in relation to specific marketing initiatives
  • Detect and follow product-level switching patterns in your market

From what I am reading here it appears those PBM data bases of what doctors prescribe and when look to be a potential part of the plan here, so Acurian may be marketing individuals based on their current medication records, again those being for sale.  With having a rich data base and marketing to those doing clinical trials we could be entering into a whole new world of pushing more clinical trials to the forefront.  I still think the individual search for participation is the better route, my opinion only, instead of additional marketing and selling and buying our medication records and those folks make some big dollars doing this as there are no HIPAA restrictions here, although HHS is working in that direction.  BD

Pharmaceutical services company i3 announced today it has entered into an agreement with Acurian, a leading provider of patient imagerecruitment and retention solutions, to provide study sponsors with a unique, more robust solution to recruit investigators for clinical trials. Acurian’s vast patient database will be complemented by new i3 services that offer statistics for improved planning and identification of trial sites with greater access to appropriate patient populations. 
With its proprietary access to a large database of information relating to private insurance claims,
i3 can identify potential investigators throughout the United States and rank them according to the number of patients available who match the required study-specific criteria. The effectiveness of this informatics capability was confirmed in a study that i3 published earlier this year, which demonstrated that the top-ranking investigators enroll patients twice as fast. With 70 percent of all trials missing their timelines, according to an industry survey, the application of i3’s clinical informatics can make an appreciable difference in meeting customers’ enrollment goals.

i3, a global Ingenix company, provides integrated scientific strategies and solutions throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. It is composed of i3 Research, a therapeutically specialized contract research organization; i3 Drug Safety, engaged in pharmacovigilance and epidemiology; i3 Pharma Informatics, a data, science and technology provider of market analytics; i3 Statprobe, a leader in comprehensive data services; i3 Pharma Resourcing, a world-class staffing partner; and i3 Innovus, delivering the science and solutions to achieve marketplace success. i3 helps companies gain sharper insights that lead to better patient care

Life Science Leader - i3 Partners With Acurian To Provide More Robust Site Selection Services To Clinical Trial Sponsors


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