To participate, patients fir need to be enrolled, in other words you need to have a record and information to access, and so far 1500 patients are registered at Lehigh Valley.  Like anywhere else in healthcare, it’s a matter of participation again and many choosing to be the non participants.  It cannot be shared and also you have to be alive and have blood running through your veins for the device to recognize who you are, do the morgue is out for that use.  Patients at El Camino Hospital in California are using the same technology from Fujitsu.

Patients at El Camino Hospital Check in with Biometric ...



It is the exact same light that comes out of a television remote control of all things.  BD 

Lehigh Valley Health Network has got your whole world, or at least your medical records, in the palm of your hands.
With a little black box that uses infrared light to scan vein patterns in palms, the network can identify patients and link the image to a bar code used to pull up medical records.
It may sound more like a new spy gadget, but at LVHN and at several other hospitals across the country, the biometric technology is being used to streamline hospital check-in and combat medical identity theft -- or when someone steals another's ID to get medical treatment.
''It reduces duplicate medical records, which is a big deal, and the patient doesn't have to give any critical information to the registrar,'' said Fred Armbruster, a member of the network's Wild Idea Team, which brought the technology to LVHN.

Legally, the palm scan can't be shared without a patient's written consent because it's technically a part of the medical record. But the most compelling argument for most people, including Sylvain, was having medical information readily accessible to doctors in an emergency.

Exactly how much the technology costs depends on how elaborate the system is and how many palm scanners are needed, Weiner said. For a hospital, it could cost as much as $50,000 to set up the little black boxes and install the software needed to run them across all departments.

New device gives doctors at Lehigh Valley Health Network a hand with patient information --


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