First of all I want to say thanks for the acknowledgement of my interview with Chris McCarthy of Kaiser Permanente.  I was surprised to see the listing on the site.  When you stop and take a look at their membership, there’s a lot of folks interested with innovation and how to carry through successful implementations and create solutions.  The group has their work cut out for them.  I write about new technologies, surgical procedures, medical devices here and the field is on fire to say the least and planning ahead of time for today’s as well as tomorrow’s challenges is needed rather than just a rushed not thought provoked process that could lead to errors and perhaps not the best patient centric care. 


When you view the main page you can see the members to include the California Health Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Alegent Healthcare, Partners Healthcare, The VHA Foundation, Christi Health Services and more.  If you missed the interview with Chris, you can use the link below to get an idea of what this is all about.  Again, their efforts will lead to better and safer patient care for all of us.  BD 

Innovation and Learning at Kaiser Permanente – Interview With Chris McCarthy


The Innovation Learning Network (ILN) brings together the most innovative healthcare organizations in the country to share the joys and pains of innovation. Its purpose is to foster discussion on the methods of Design Thinking and application of innovation / diffusion, ignite the transfer of ideas, and provide opportunities for inter-organizational collaboration.

the Innovation Learning Network


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