I think we all remember when Remote Area Medical came to Los Angeles.  I was busy here posting updates on the free 8 day medical clinic that was imageheld at The Forum.   Tennessee is the only state that allows doctors to cross state lines, thus of course it is a popular location for the clinics.  Insured and uninsured are driving from as far away as New Jersey for care.  The lines are long and the wait time is worth it for no strings attached care offered for the day. 

In this interview, the founder, Stan Brock is discussing changes in Washington to allow doctors to cross state lines and again the huge size of the bill is again mentioned, and again I’ll say that algorithmic centric laws could certainly help out here so we don’t have all the words to interpret, but rather a mix of approved and/or certified algorithms compiled with the text in the laws.  If we don’t create some digital laws soon, we will all be buried in the words and nobody will be getting anywhere in a hurry when it comes to reform.  BD 

Remote Area Medical Los Angeles – Day One Los Angeles

For more information on what Remote Area Medical did in California, you can visit the website. 

MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Hours in line and into dentist's chair for Robert Sumlin. Sumlin is one of about 440 people who hoped for healing at the Remote Area Medical Clinic at Union County High School. 

"We left about 5:30 in the morning," says Sumlin of Erwin, Tenn. He drove his wife and son to Maynardville in hopes of a little help for his tooth tenderness - by getting two pulled.



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