Former HHS Director has created his own company, Leavitt Partners?   One area of focus from the website is “Private Equity”.   Will there be encouraging advice here on where to invest? 

You can read about all the areas of focus here.    Taylor Leavitt is part of the team, (related?).  At any rate he is listed as bringing the venture capital arm of the company into the fold.  At any rate you can take a look at the new company and see what it is all about.  One item for sure is that he has an advantage of seeing things from the inside after his years as HHS, but by today’s standards it is not all that is required as technologies are throwing us a new left curve every day, something our Congress doesn’t seem to openly acknowledge as somewhat being non-participants with their own healthcare from what I read in the news, in other words, no role models available yet.  BD 

Salt Lake City, UT, September 8, 2009 – Michael O. Leavitt, the former three-term governor of Utah, U.S. Health and Human Services imageSecretary and EPA Administrator, has formed a new company called “Leavitt Partners.” Leavitt Partners will advise companies in the practice areas of health, environment and trade, helping clients to enhance the value of their products, enter new markets, navigate complex regulatory and reimbursement systems and improve communications. Prominent colleagues from Leavitt’s time in public service have joined Leavitt Partners to create a premier team.

Leavitt Partners advises clients in the practice areas of health, environment and trade. Led by former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary and EPA Administration Michael O. Leavitt, Leavitt Partners proves strategic input and counsel to a broad range of companies and governmental entities.


Former HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt Launches New Firm « Leavitt Partners


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