This is a web based notification system built for radiologists that tracks notifications and integrates with existing Nuance speech recognition technologies. 

It can be used with a phone or with a computer to acknowledge receipt of results and comes with a full audit trail and is HIPAA compliant.  BD 

Press Release:

CHICAGO-- Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is today announcing the availability of Veriphy 4.0, a Web-based critical test result image management (CTRM) solution for hospital diagnostic departments. As the only end-to-end healthcare enterprise solution for communicating critical test results from the lab, radiology, cardiology, and pathology departments to ordering clinicians, Veriphy helps to ensure quick and auditable communication of patients’ urgent test results, allowing for reliable caregiver communication workflow, as well as expedited critical patient care.

As of 2008, The Joint Commission Standards for national patient safety have required that hospitals improve the effectiveness and timelines of caregiver communication and track the results for critical tests and diagnostic procedures. Veriphy is already helping nearly 175 hospitals nationwide to automate the delivery, verification and documentation of critical test results (CTR); Veriphy 4.0 introduces more than 20 new and enhanced features, including:

  • Multi-Facility Support for Local, Regional and National Organizations – Regardless of facility size, geographic location(s), or IT infrastructure(s), Veriphy 4.0 will support multi-facility integrated delivery networks (IDN). The multi-site functionality expands the IDN’s ability to consistently track, document and report real-time communication of critical results across each facility.
  • Customizable Criteria for Defining Critical Tests – Veriphy can now analyze order information based on facility defined rules to flag critical tests (i.e. stroke protocol) that must be communicated to the patient’s caregiver each time a particular order is placed. The critical test rules defined by the facility can include multiple variations and combinations of order parameters, which allow the facility to be inclusive of all high-priority tests requiring 100 percent communication. In addition, Veriphy provides statistical and compliance reporting to show documentation for the full-lifecycle of a critical test, including the communication to the patient’s caregiver.
  • Mobile Message Retrieval Enhancements – Via the receipt of a text (SMS) message, with one-click, clinicians can easily access the Veriphy system, listen to their critical messages and confirm receipt of the message.
  • Improved Search and Viewing Capability – Veriphy messages can now be searched and viewed in accordance with various clinical and administrative inquiry needs, including by patient last name, medical record or test number, open messages, delivered messages, etc.
  • New Interface Tools – Based on customer feedback, Veriphy 4.0 offers several interface enhancements, including customizable drop-down menus, audio control for easy message recording, screen minimization tool, encrypted passwords and many other new capabilities.

“We have been using Veriphy, critical test result management, for nearly four years. The Veriphy system is integrated into our PowerScribe reporting solution, which gives all of our radiologists the option to easily communicate high-priority patient findings as they are identified and during the documentation process,” said Terence Matalon, MD, radiologist, Albert Einstein Medical Center. “Managing effective, critical communication should be part of every healthcare organization’s commitment to quality and patient safety. Albert Einstein decided to use Veriphy before the Joint Commission’s patient safety measures specified the need for timely communications as part of our goal to proactively ensure that our critical communication is reliable, documented and auditable. Today, 97 percent of our significant findings are delivered from the diagnostic department to the ordering physician without any human interaction. Knowing information is sent where and when it needs to go is a tremendous advantage in patient care. It only takes one miscommunication to ruin the life of a patient and the many other lives that touch that patient.”

Hospitals that use Veriphy report that they receive high marks from surveyors for The Joint Commission. Additionally, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has taken Veriphy’s capabilities into account in drafting its Practice Guidelines for radiological communications. Most hospitals that use Veriphy for CTRM, meet the requirements of The Joint Commission, ACR, and College of American Pathologists (CAP).

The Joint Commission, the Institute of Medicine, the American College of Radiology, and other healthcare authorities have identified delays and failures of communicating patients’ critical findings as a leading patient safety concern,” said Peter Durlach, senior vice president, healthcare product strategy and marketing, Nuance. “The Veriphy system is an affordable solution that helps to automate caregiver communication based on the most effective delivery vehicle specified, no matter if it’s a phone call, text message or email. With critical test result management, diagnostic departments can ensure that high-priority patient information is shared and received when, where and how it should be.”

As part of the Veriphy workflow, reporting clinicians (such as radiologists) create messages from a phone or computer, and Veriphy alerts ordering clinicians (the doctor who ordered the patient’s diagnostic test) that the CTR is pending; indicates the urgency of the CTR and continues to send alerts until the message is retrieved. If the message is not retrieved, the Veriphy system automatically escalates notification according to pre-set rules as to who should be contacted next in the patient care cycle. Throughout the entire process, Veriphy documents the workflow.

Veriphy 4.0 Pricing and Availability

Veriphy 4.0 is available immediately. For more information on how to purchase this system please call 1-866-325-1096 Ext. 106. Because Veriphy is a hosted application and is purchased on a yearly subscription basis, it requires no investment in new hardware or software. Additionally, Veriphy can be easily integrated with Nuance’s speech-driven radiology reporting tools, PowerScribe and RadWhere. There is a ramp-up period in which Nuance’s Veriphy team works closely with the customer to develop CTR policies, turnaround time goals, and an updated clinician directory, where ordering physicians indicate their preferred contact device, e.g. pager, phone, fax.

For more information on Veriphy and all of Nuance’s healthcare solutions, visit Nuance’s booth #3416 (South Building - Hall A) at the annual RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, November 29 – December 3, McCormick Place, Chicago.

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