As the article states, this somewhat started with mixed drinks using Red Bull.  Coffee in the morning is enough caffeine for me and with alcohol, other than a coffee drink, what is the purpose of flooding additional caffeine into the beverages?  The article states that many of them didn’t have aimage real good taste either.  Here are 2 in Orange County that received letters.  

Are the beverages creating wide awake drunks with more confidence than one would normally exhibit or do they make one want to drink more with the caffeine counteracting any drowsiness from the alcohol?  Also in question was the packaging used as bright colors and bottles may resemble those of non alcoholic drinks.  I guess if there is not a good story and rationale put forward it appears these could soon disappear if the FDA decides to pursue.  BD 

Two Huntington Beach-based companies are among 27 manufacturers of caffeinated alcohol beverages challenged by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday over the safety of the popular drinks.

The companies are:

The FDA sent letters to all the companies giving them 30 days to produce evidence that the substances in the drinks are “generally recognized as safe.” The FDA has only approved caffeine as an additive in soft drinks, not alcoholic beverages.

The drinks have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly among college students. A trend that started with young people adding vodka to Red Bull energy drink has now become a $1 billion a year industry, accounting for about 1 percent of all beer sales in the U.S.

The FDA letters demand that the 27 companies produce “evidence of their rationale, with supporting data and information,” as to why infusing caffeine in their products is safe or sanctioned under federal guidelines. If the FDA determines they’re not in compliance, it “will take appropriate action to ensure that the products are removed from the marketplace.”

Here’s a list of all the companies, which range from overseas spirit-makers with U.S. distributors to craft breweries.

HB caffeine booze-makers, 25 others called out by FDA - Healthy Living : The Orange County Register


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