Thanksgiving Day is a good time to post something besides the usual healthcare articles and this one got me going for sure!  In a past life I have imageprobably had more rides in the Goodyear blimp than I can count!  It is a fun experience and at one point a friend of mine who’s a commercial pilot was able to get a type rating in the blimp! 

With a non jet aircraft like these, if you blow the approach you just back up and try it again!  When you look at the picture on take off here you can see a Zeppelin packs a bit more punch than a blimp, which required 13 members on the ground for take offs and landings.  The blimps are noisy inside too, but they get the job done.  The Zeppelin has a bigger cabin too, so next time when you see the blimp over an event, by the time they get the cameras and everything else loaded there’s only room for the pilot and a camera man. 


Watch the video above and see what’s happening in the skies over Los Angeles.  BD 

The last time something like this was seen in Los Angeles was 1929, when the Graf Zeppelin dropped in on Westchester's Mines Field before starting its nonstop Pacific crossing during its record-setting around-the-world flight.


The era of the rigid-framed zeppelin came crashing to an end in 1937, when the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg exploded spectacularly as it attempted to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey. Thirty-six people were killed.

The zeppelin returns to L.A. skies, after 80 years | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times


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