More news about minimally invasive surgery in the news.  It’s amazing how fast surgery procedures are moving with reference to new procedures made possible by new technologies.  By using the embryonic orifice as a point of entry, there is less scaring and a shorter recovery time and there are not as many nerves in this area as there are in other areas of the body, so that might suggest a little relief in the pain area with recovery.  The procedures is ok for both men and women and requires a surgical team specially trained on the surgical instruments used.  BD  image

The team of Dr. Antoni Alcaraz of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has removed a kidney from a woman diagnosed with kidney cancer, through a single opening. This is the first operation of this type carried out in Spain and one of very few performed throughout the world. Recovery time is reduced by half and the surgical results are far better than those of conventional laparoscopy. The operation was carried out with material specially designed to be able to work from the navel, access that requires control and precision.

The single-port transumbilical nephrectomy (the technical name for this operation) was carried out using a single trocar made by the company Olympus. This laparoscopic instrument requires considerable control and precision to be used correctly, as the surgeon has to use 3 instruments through a single point in order to manipulate the organ remotely and extract it once it has been entrapped inside the body. Accessing the kidney via this route means no visible marks are left as the minimal incision made by the surgeons is hidden by the natural folds of the umbilical scar. Nevertheless, as with laparoscopic surgery or the NOTES approach, the transumbilical route is not completely risk-free and must always be performed by an experienced team of surgeons who are permanently trained in the use of the instruments.

Single, Safe Surgical Access Route For Kidney Extraction - The Navel


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