The video is a view of philanthropy talking about how we are adjusting to a new way of thinking and where we are going, with technology being at the forefront and driving everything, including healthcare.  I particularly like the portion about the gentleman who has his sites set on getting rid of the “Government Printing Office” and creating data in a more useable form, paperless, same thing we are trying to do in healthcare.  He’s had the program going for 10 years of putting government information online and available for access.


He talks about passion, working together and when you can’t do your best any more, then stop, flame out and move on for a strategy.  On a road trip, pay attention to the gas tank and look out for the bottom feeders taking advantage in today’s environment.  BD 

When publisher, tech guru and part-time social entrepreneur Tim O’Reilly prescribes a new business model to heal the shattered global economy and its equally-bruised ecosystem, should tech execs listen up? Only if they want to be in business five years from now.

Work on something that matters to you more than money

Create more value than you capture.

Build a simple system and let it evolve

Be friendly to those who extend your reach.

Be friendly to those who extend your reach.

Be generous in supporting the work of others.

Tim O’Reilly prescription for the ailing economy: Work on stuff that matters » VentureBeat


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