This looks like a new device in the making for the HealthVault.  The product is not available yet as Cambridge works with medical device companies to help patent and bring the medical device concepts to market, so what company will produce the inhaler is not yet known, and it could possibly be more than one. 

Just as other devices work, it will connect to a PC or Cell Phone.  The phone would make it convenient with Blue Tooth.  The device will send the information back to a web portal or provider along with reminders for using the inhaler.  One item that I thought was interesting too was the potential use in clinical trials as reminders and easy communication processes could help.  BD 

Cambridge Consultants has today unveiled technology to connect patients and their treatment devices, such as inhalers, with healthcare imagesupport professionals and a range of online applications.  This ‘connected patient’ technology can allow healthcare specialists to monitor medication adherence, reduce long-term treatment costs, and improve patient access to, and interaction with, healthcare providers

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“The idea behind the ‘connected patient’ is to enable seamless data transfer using wireless technologies, from patient monitoring or treatment devices to a patient’s healthcare network - a physician’s office or online medical support applications, for example - to encourage patients to follow their planned treatment regime,” said David Blakey, Head of Drug Delivery at Cambridge Consultants.  “Using connected medical devices to close the loop between a patient and their healthcare provider can facilitate increased compliance, enable better therapy results, and may ultimately reduce long-term treatment costs.”

Enabled by the company’s Vena wireless healthcare device platform, the system connects through a personal computer or smart phone to an online personal healthcare application, and can remind the patient to take their treatment and send compliance information to the relevant personal healthcare portal. Both patient and healthcare specialist can access the secure information to monitor progress and connect with one another.

Pharmaceutical companies with new therapies in Phase IV trials can directly access usage data to demonstrate and document compliance, correlating ongoing use with improved outcomes.

  It embeds the Bluetooth™ Health Device Profile (HDP) optimized for the secure transport of medical data, onto a single chip at an affordable price.  Vena also offers the IEEE11073 standards for compatible exchange of information between health devices, and for this demonstration uses the medication monitor device specialization. Cambridge Consultants is making Vena available as a reference design at a fixed price for clients to use as the basis for their own wireless healthcare device development, supported by design and development services as required.

Cambridge Consultants - Cambridge Consultants brings the 'connected patient' concept to life


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