A couple years ago I interviewed Heidi Houston, the Executive Producer of the video and and screened the film.  Now here’s a chance if you missed it to watch.  In addition to this post I have placed a link in the resources column and I highly recommend it.  The video has been shown all over the US and uses some great humor as well to make their points.  Below was my interview with Heidi and my thoughts on the film.  You can rent and watch the video for a number of days.

Hot Flash Havoc–Menopause Exposed and Explained Documentary For Anyone Who Is A Woman or Knows a Woman–Interview With Heidi Houston, Executive Producerimage

n addition, Heidi brought to my attention the “Bloom Study” which is a clinical study for women which is a testosterone cream applied once a day to see if it can help increase testosterone levels. 

In addition the California National Organization for Women spoke with Heidi this month and you can also see what was said during their interview and at the Doctor’s Channel.  

Just scroll down a bit to the right hand column and connect.  BD 


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