This is a guest post from the owner of CauseWish, a crowd funding website and if you look on my right hand side you can see mine cause I have set up with another site.  Mine is for help with medical bills and funeral expenses as my mother just died of cancer.  I helped spread the word of GoFundMe and here’s another site to consider for Crowdfunding, CauseWish. 

Medical Quack “GoFundMe” Outreach Personal Crowd Fundraising For Medical And Funeral Bills- Mother Passed Away From Cancer

Sandip Sekhon is the owner of CauseWish and wrote to me asking for a post and of course if you read here you know I’m always trying to pass good information along to help all.  Below is his information and links to the site and he does include funerals under his site for funding too.  If you watched the money raised for the victims in Boston then you might have an idea on how this works.  Today sties such as these are more important than ever as inequality continues to grow in the US as banks and corporations have modeled it that way sadly.  Here’s the information from CauseWish and the post from the owner of the site and I hope it proves to be useful to those who read here.  BD 

How to Help a Family or Loved One In Need

When you see a family or loved one in need one of the first questions you imagemight ask is “Can I do anything to help?” And if part of their ‘need’ involves financial expenses, as would be the case during the medical challenge or the passing of a loved one, there is something very significant you can do.

You could create an online fundraising page to benefit the individual or family. Websites such as medical fundraising website CauseWish specialize in these types of online fundraising campaigns.

Before starting out, use your judgment to decide if you should get approval from the beneficiary beforehand. If they are clearly facing significant financial difficulties then it’s most likely that any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. However, if the cause is very sensitive it’s worth mentioning the fundraiser to them and simply letting them know that loved ones are coming together to raise money.

Fundraising for loved ones is extremely helpful. Not only because of the money raised, but also because you’ll be putting in your time and effort into starting, promoting and managing the campaign. Something that is hard to do when someone is going through a difficult time.


Furthermore, the words of love and encouragement provide that much needed support.

When creating your fundraising page, make sure you tell donors who you are and exactly how you’re related to the beneficiary. Also, explain when the funds will be transferred across. Naturally, those who don’t know you and come across the fundraising page might feel wary about donating – you need to help alleviate these concerns.

If possible, during the fundraising campaign get updates from the beneficiary and share these on the page. That’ll create more of a personal connection with donors and increase the chances that others will contribute too.

Finally, in addition to fundraising to alleviate the financial burden, think of what else you and others might be able to do to help the family or loved one in need. Here are some other ideas:

· Simply spend more time with them. Just being there can make a big difference.

· Run errands and take care of other day-to-day duties. This will help them to focus on healing.

· Rally other friends and family members together so that when you’re not available, others are.

· Help organize or set an action plan for them to progress. For example, if they’re going through a medical challenge research the best treatment options and hospitals.

I hope this provides you with a good action plan for helping a loved one in need.

Do you have any other ideas on how to help someone facing a medical or related challenge? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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