Life Tech had debt of $2.2 billion that was assumed.  In 2012 Life Tech had acquired Navigenics in the genomics field and recently has a lot of press with their Ion Torrent Machine. 

Life Technologies Debuts Ion Torrent Machine-Cheap Genes at $500 for Single Sequence
Ion Torrent’s DNA Desktop Machine Walk Through- How Semi Conductor Sequencing Works (Video)

And so the consolidation continues…BD

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc on Monday agreed to buy Life Technologies Corp for $13.6 billion in a deal that would make it one of the top two companies in the hot field of genetic testing.

The pact values Life Tech at $76 per share, a 12 percent premium, and is one of the year's biggest corporate takeovers.

It would catapult Thermo, the world's largest maker of scientific and laboratory equipment, to the forefront of the fledgling field of personalized medicine, where research is uncovering the hereditary underpinnings of diseases to better tailor treatments to patients.


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