This makes sense since Orion purchased the Amalga HIS platform from Microsoft and as such the Orion EHR softwareimage is set to integrate further with Caradigm, the company formed by Microsoft and GE a short while back.  Amalga HIS is the “complete” EHR solution with several modules that was not sold in the US, so there’s was always a difference between what is sold in the US and what is sold outside the US for solutions.  One hospital in in Southeast Asia had the full Amalga HIS solution and I think it was one of the first international sales for Microsoft (before the sale to Orion) as I interviewed the hospital CEO

Orion Health to Acquire Microsoft HIS and RIS/PACS Assets–Focus on Asia Pacific Hospital Market For Medical Records and Collaboration with Amalga UIS
Microsoft to Halt Sales of Amalga HIS Systems – Full Speed Ahead With Amalga UIS and HealthVault

The target area for the solution as it states here is Europe, which again goes with what I stated above.  Orion is also an HIE vendor and offers an EMR Lite solution as a web based solution to help doctors qualify for meaningful use.  Orion will be marketing the Caradigm Intelligence Platform.  imageBeing a little out of touch here and with so many companies merging and integrating software, it’s a little confusing for me to actually see what is new and what is some of the Amalga technologies but I guess at this point, there’s not much difference to sort out as long as it all works:)  Orion has a US corporate office in California but I think overall their international footprint is larger than what is in the US but they are growing.  BD

Caradigm, a Microsoft and GE Healthcare company, and Orion Health, a global leader in eHealth technology and interoperability, today announced they have expanded their alliance agreement to integrate Orion Health's market-leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution with the Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) and ecosystem of applications, which will allow healthcare communities to more rapidly address today's most complex challenges - including new models of care delivery and payment, population health management and patient engagement - while also helping to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Orion Health will expand the Caradigm application ecosystem by developing new applications for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform that take advantage of the extensive data available through Orion Health EHR. These new applications will be aimed at addressing customer needs in the areas of decision support, quality improvement and metrics, and population health management.

Under the new agreement, Orion Health will act as a sales partner for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform, and resell and provide services for the Caradigm Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions in Europe. The IAM suite includes Caradigm Provisioning, Caradigm Single Sign-On and Caradigm Context Management, products designed to accelerate caregiver access to the right patient data across multiple applications, helping organisations improve patient safety, reduce errors and spend more time with patients.


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