It’s always easier to be the Monday morning quarterback and see what is missing rather than to do the complex project of putting the site together.  The insurers did not “certify” that their information was correct? image I look at it this way put part of the blame over on the insurers providing the information, are they not adults here?  They have technology and models way beyond some of the stuff the government works with by all means.  Does anyone not discount that the insurers have built this “complex” world out there?  I can say one thing, I would want the job of putting the website together myself.  It’s a mess. 

Get those CEOs to to certify the data…now that’s a new twist and actually is not a bad idea.  Can the Inspector General chip in here a little and help CMS out with some of these inadequacies? One thing to keep in mind too is the fact that things change so much, sometimes daily so perhaps some of this falls into those categories too.  I have looked at so many websites selling insurance and you know what, they are all a bit of a mess.  I remember when the project got started as the pricing part was a big thing, it changes all the time as insurers use their risk assessment algorithms to keep their pricing aligned with the company real time events…so what gives here?  In California the state hired the Consumer Watchdog to help them make sense out of rate hikes.

California Hires Consumer Watchdog To Assist in Reviewing Healthcare Insurance Rates–Checking the Algorithms and Formulas…And We Might Get A Glimpse at Some Models in This Process

We also found out yesterday that small business will only have one option via federal insurance exchanges too…so who has the complex business models and pricing?  Is there any responsibility to make it easier for everyone on the other side?  Haven’t seen it yet but there’s still time as folks are getting real tired of complexities by design for profit.  BD 

Small Business Insurance Options for Health Insurance Provisions Delayed–It’s the IT Infrastructure Of Course But House Questioned Why…Post No Code Before It’s Time:)

The CMS has failed to exercise appropriate oversight over a website that is designed to help consumers find a health plan in their state, according to HHS' inspector general's office.
“Gaps exist” in ensuring that private insurers comply with reporting requirements, the inspector general's office said in a report issued today on the Plan Finder posted at (PDF). The site is intended to help consumers looking for help navigating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

CMS faulted on oversight of health plan website | Modern Healthcare


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