I remember when I posted the first article about Hygreen when it was brand new and then there was Proventix that came along and now we have a 3rd one.  They all use RFID systems and the latest product, Intelligent M imagemoves from the tags around the neck to the arm.  It’s a start up company and like many I guess it’s like driving the Ford, Chevy or what ever else model when it comes to choosing a system and of course price is in there too.  Hand washing technology is good stuff though when designed properly to where it hangs in the background and only issues alerts and notices when compliance is suffering a little to keep things moving along.  Nobody wants a hospital acquired infection when it can be prevented by all means.  Washing hands helps a lot but of course it doesn’t catch all potential encounters.  BD 

Proventix RFID-Hand Washing System in Use at Princeton Baptist Medical Center – Alabama
VA Medical Center In Chicago Installs HyGreen Hand Washing Hygiene System-Sensors Tell on Unwashed Hands

Led by Seth Freedman, Dave Mullinix and Dr. Andrew Fine,
IntelligentM provides data-driven hand hygiene-related infection control solutions for hospitals that dramatically reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s).

HAI’s cost the US Healthcare System $30B annually and over 10% of the average hospital’s operating budget is related to infection control. The Center for Disease Control states that following proper hand hygiene protocol 100% of the time for healthcare workers is “the single most important way to avoid spreading infection.



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