Portal Healthcare Solutions was the vendor who provided the server.image  This is again where so many of the healthcare breaches come from, 3rd party associates with medical records.  They don’t know if any were accessed or not but maybe by luck this was a sleeping server that nobody paid any attention to.  The hospital caught the situation with their own audit.  BD

Thousands of patients of a New York state hospital had their medical records exposed when they were left unprotected on a third-party server for several months. 

How many victims? More than 2,300.  

What type of personal information? Medical records, including handwritten doctors' notes that typically include diagnoses, test results and emergency department records.

What happened? On Thursday, Glens Falls Hospital announced that an outside contractor, which stores medical records for the hospital, left the data of patients on an unprotected server between November and mid-March. A forensic audit led hospital officials to learn of the breach.



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