I guess if you could call it a bright spot in all of this horrific madness that occurred, the medical help and hospitals were it.  Again none imageof this makes any sense and is tragic and police and the FBI are stating that they had no predictive analytics to give them a hint as far as suspecting any type of terrorist activity in the area.  It doesn’t work all the time as we read with the over confidence we place with intelligence, as it looks like all crimes are not using technology in a sense.  At any rate this doctor was waiting for his wife to finish the marathon and was standing there and luckily was not touched by the explosives.

Being an ER doctor he sees just about everything and was there visiting from Florida.  People took the hit to his left and behind he stated.  He started helping bystanders with mangled limbs and found one man who had lost both legs below the knee.  His wife meanwhile was still running and was back in the race as they were stopped from continuing.  Great work too for all the hospitals in the way they were able to get care to the injured immediately in Boston.  The event had an emergency tent set up already for normal issues that come up at events which helped too.  BD

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Dr. Allan Panter felt the first blast as he waited at the finish line to cheer his wife as she completed her 16th Boston Marathon. He saw the people immediately next to him drop.

Incredibly, “I was just standing there without a scratch,” the emergency room physician recalled Tuesday for TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

“I realized that all the people to what had been to my left had gone down, and just started helping with the other bystanders, pulling people, actually, apart because they were laying in a pile, basically with mangled limbs and started working on each person as you could,” he said.



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