This study had over 100 investigators from 20 institutions working on it so it’s large enough number to substantiate some new findings when determining behavior patterns between metastatic cell and those that are not.  imageThey found the metastatic cells were softer and could squeeze through smaller spaces.  The same cell lines were used by all.  Of course this is the most dangerous part of cancer when metastasis takes place.  From what I am reading in the entire article they of course seem to be unfortunately heartier and work with less oxygen.  They also move slower and farther in a straight line.  Metastasis with cancer cells as we know is responsible for most deaths from cancer and the more they can find out and perhaps find a treatment for the cells, well the closer we get to solving cancer.  BD

A systematic comparison of metastatic breast cancer cells to healthy breast cells revealed dramatic differences between the two cell lines in their mechanics, migration, oxygen response, protein production, and ability to stick to surfaces.

The new study details how cells make the transition from nonmalignant to metastatic, a process that is not well understood.

“By bringing together different types of experimental expertise to systematically compare metastatic and nonmetastatic cells, we have advanced our knowledge of how metastasis occurs,” says Robert Austin, professor of physics at Princeton University.

The study also found that metastatic cells recover more rapidly from the stress of a low-oxygen environment than nonmetastatic cells, which is consistent with previous studies. Although the low-oxygen environment did kill many of the metastatic cells, the survivors rebounded vigorously, underscoring the likely role of individual cells in the spread of cancer.


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