We have all been watching how this is evolving and it is one massive project for sure with setting up both business and individual exchanges.  There’s been others besides myself who have also questioned meeting theimage deadlines and as I keep saying “the short order code kitchen burned down a few years ago and there was no fire sale”.  There’s a lot of data and aggregation that has to go into this and as it read now there will be one choice for small businesses.  Small business gets it again in the shorts because in this instance it depends on the data systems and IT infrastructures of the big companies who are going to provide insurance policies.  Besides that many of the private insurers are busy setting up their own exchanges.  Everyone wants to be an exchange. 

Everybody Wants to be Health Insurance Exchange, Wal-Mart Considering the Idea for Small Companies And Oracle Can Sell You a Software Exchange Platform

Here’s one from Humana that only has 3 employees that opened up a few days ago taking it’s place with over 100 others that are out there. 

One More Insurance Exchange Started by Former Humana Executive–Currently There Are Over 100 Private Exchanges in Place To Compete With State Exchanges

Well when they roll out it will be interesting to see what shape they are in and hopefully flaws will not be too numerous but they will be there as this is pretty much moving at rocket speed and we all know what that means with data work as perhaps things are not as tested as thorough as they should be.  Again the fact that the House worries that there won’t be enough competition is kind if funny as you can’t put the information out there unless it’s ready, formatted and without loss of data integrity.  Oh where’s that digital literacy when you need it:)  The House worries higher premiums will result, but what about all the money insurers spend buying your consumer data and querying to see if you are buying clothes a size larger…that too results in higher premiums as the money has to come from somewhere to pay for all that.  I’m sure premium money goes to help support their data addictions.  I know analytics are needed but how far will they do and what human ethics will they violate in the process is the question. 

mHealth and Other Technologies in Healthcare Experience Slow Growth Is As the Data Selling Epidemic for Shear Profit in the US Continues to Grow Leaps and Bounds Leaving Manufacturing in the Hole and Non Competitive

Goodness if one tried to explain the data details on some of this I don’t a lot of them would understand as we do live in a very complex world out there, created by banks and corporate USA.  I am so tired of seeing the government getting their fannies kicked and would really like to see some technologists in some future cabinet positions.  That’s not a cure all but it would open up a whole new line of thinking with folks that know data.  BD

The Obama administration plans to delay a piece of the federal health law designed to help small businesses shop for insurance policies, citing the need for additional time to prepare.

The Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, is supposed to provide small employers with an insurance marketplace, or exchange, that offers multiple plan options starting in 2014. But the Department of Health and Human Services has proposed that for the first year, businesses that use the 33 state exchanges run fully or in part by the U.S. will be able to offer only one plan to their workers, rather than pick from a range of options.

The Republican-controlled House Small Business Committee last week issued a formal request for more information on what caused the delay, with a deadline of April 22 for a response. Committee spokesman Darrell Jordan said the delay "will lead to less competition, which could lead to higher premiums" for small businesses.



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