This is is kind of interesting because there’s no hospital in the US today that’s going to look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to money as most are strapped financially if they are in the non profit areas or are cutting costs to prevent rolling into the red with being pro-active.  imageWe all know the Koch brothers and their wealth was gained the old fashioned way, they inherited it and their business is based around mining and fossil fuel use and growth.. 

The donation will bear his name, David Koch on a new outpatient facility and he sits on the Board of Trustees at the hospital.  This just goes to show what wealth is doing today in the US, sure the hospital welcomes the money and who wouldn’t but it’s strange spot to be in with the political side of where Koch goes with their campaigns, so I guess in essence we need fossil fuels to keep some hospitals going?  It’s a strange world we live in today.  BD

David Koch, New York City’s wealthiest resident and executive vice president of Koch Industries, Inc., has given $100 million to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the largest single donation in the hospital’s history.

NewYork-Presbyterian was one of several New York City hospitals affected by Superstorm Sandy last October. As NYU’s Langone Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital flooded and lost power, others, including NewYork-Presbyterian, took in the extra patients. Robert E. Kelly, president of NewYork-Presbyterian, told Newsday that his doctors saw twice as many trauma patients, 25 percent more emergency-room patients, and an increase in psychiatric patients after Superstorm Sandy — patients that would normally have been treated at downtown hospitals. So many NewYork-Presbyterian workers faced their own Sandy-related hardships that the hospital formed an employee relief fund.

In his 25 years of service to the Board of Trustees at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, David Koch has consistently and repeatedly demonstrated his commitment and support to the hospital and its patients,” said John Mack, chair of the board of trustees, in a statement.


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